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Basic Training Videos

This page has training videos that are useful for:

  • New white belt students
  • All Big Dolphins & Little Dolphins
  • Yellow/white, Yellow & Yellow/black belts
  • Junior BBC students &¬†Stage 1 BBC students
  • Students who want to revise, check and remember training drills from our Basic Program

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How to Tie a Taekwondo Belt

Attention Stance (Chair-ee-ot)

Prepare Stance (Choom-bee)

Horse Riding Stance

Single Punch Horse Riding Stance

Double Punch Horse Riding Stance

Triple Punch Horse Riding Stance

Rising Block Horse Riding Stance

Outside Block Horse Riding Stance

Low Block Horse Riding Stance

Basic Movement Drill: 1

Basic Movement Drill: 2

Basic Movement Drill: 3

Walking Stance (Ap Soh-gee)

Forward Stance (Ap Goobi)

Forward Stance Turn

Rising Block Forward Stance

Outside Block Forward Stance

Regular Punch Forward Stance

Reverse Punch Forward Stance

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