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Basic Movement Drill

The Basic Movement Drill (BMD) was created by Master Gary Simmons as a static Poomsae to help students develop their hand techniques and stance transitions.

The BMD is in 3 main parts: Yellow, Blue & Red. In this video, the colour of the writing within each section will reflect this.

These 3 main parts are then broken down again into a total of 9 smaller parts for each coloured belt, up to Red belt (2nd gup). You can examine this in more detail by clicking on an icon below.

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Basic Movement Drill 1-9


  • Find the ‘pull/push’ in every single technique.
  • Another thing to bear in mind is to BREATH, and to Gihap. The Gihaps in the video are only an indication. The challenge is to not hold your breath and to work on generating a powerful Gihap for appropriate striking moves.
  • Get the feet and stances right! For example. keep the knees bent in HR stance and do proper stance transitions to the back stance techniques.
  • Once you know the full BMD, another challenge is to experiment doing it very slowly, so you may work on your breath control. If you try this, you can Gihap on every striking technique and every second punch.

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