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Poomsae: Taeguk Oh Jang

This page has Poomsae Taeguk Oh Jang (5) training videos. There is a high definintion video from the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters). This will help you to delve deep into every nuance of the Poomsae.

There’s also a short low resolution video that you can quickly refer to while you are training.

Please note: There may be some discrepancies between the videos here and what you learn in class. The reason is because Poomsae is regularly updated. So keep an open mind, ask questions and always listen to the SMA senior instructors.

Download the Taeguk O Jang pdf run sheet with all the actions here.

  • Blue/white belts, need to know the first 8 actions
  • Blue belts, need to know the first 13 actions
  • Blue/black belts, need to know all actions

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Taeguk Oh Jang (Taeguk 5)

Taeguk Oh Jang: Explanation

Taeguk Oh Jang: Quick Run Through

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