Traditional Martial Arts and Personal Development in the Sutherland Shire since 1995

SWAT Program

At Shire Martial Arts, we often hear positive comments from parents and students about the wonderful impact the Shire Martial Arts Team has had on them and their family.


We have had great success in developing staff because we always try to start out with our students who are good people.

We then put these students through a vigorous, intensive, and non-ending training designed to help make them the best teachers, the best martial artists, and the best people they can be.

In 2009 after a great deal of thought and planning, the Special Winning Attitude Team or ‘SWAT’ Leadership Program was created as a biannual program.

This program is the first step of our staff development. It’s been designed to challenge the skills of a select group of our students who we feel can benefit from SWAT training.


The program runs for 8 weeks outside of our normal training times. It takes commitment, focus and perseverance to become a SWAT graduate. Just like in life.

The program’s emphasis is on enhancing qualities that are often overlooked in traditional education such as:

  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Proper teaching procedures
  • Highly developed martial arts techniques (physical and mental)


There are several stages in the SWAT Program:

Stage 1: Beginners or entry level
Stage 2: Intermediate
Stage 3: Advanced

Stage 3 graduates then move on to be our SWAT Program presenters

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